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If you’re taking your vehicle on or near the beach, chances are you’re worried about what damage it could be doing to your vehicle.

Whether you’re worried about resale depreciation, expensive repairs or just want to take care of your 4×4 – without proper protection, rust could become a huge issue in the future.

If you’re looking for one-time solution and that peace of mind for when you take that next beach trip, then an ERPS system is your best bet for complete vehicle protection.



Why ERPS The Best Quality Electronic Rust Protection System

If you’re reading this chances are; 

(1) You’ve spent a lot of time and money getting the right vehicle

(2) You want it to last and retain its value for as long as possible. 

So it makes sense to want the best level of protection for your investment.

If you want peace of mind, protection that lasts and guaranteed results – you’re in the right place.


What is Rust & How Does it Form?

Put simply, rust forms as a result of a chemical reaction between your vehicle and its environment.

When your vehicle is exposed to humidity, moisture or salt water this reaction is accelerated and the severity of the rust is dramatically increased.

How Does ERPS Stop Rust?

An ERPS system sends a negative charge through the body of the vehicle, which neutralizes this chemical reaction – ultimately, keeping your vehicle rust free.

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